Membership FAQ

Are you getting the most out of your SPMA membership?  Here are quick answers to the five most frequently asked questions our members have for us:

1. Did I renew my membership?

Checking your membership status is easy - Simply view your "Public Profile" by clicking on the green avatar in the top-right. All active members are also included in our membership list located at

If your name is listed here then your membership is renewed and active. If not, you will need to renew it. Don’t now how to accomplish that? See the guide further down.

Please note that you must be logged in to your SPMA account in order to view this list.

2. When does my membership expire?

All memberships expire April 30th. Our membership year starts May 1 and are not pro-rated, so renew in May to get the best value for your dollar!


3. How do I purchase or renew my membership?

If you would like to purchase a new SPMA membership, or renew an existing account simply visit and choose the type of member you would like to purchase.

If you are renewing your membership, you will need to login to your existing account prior to completing the purchase. If you are having trouble logging in or have forgotten your password, please email:


4. How can I update my SPMA profile?

To update your profile, visit and login with an associated social media account or with the password you previously created. 

(Having trouble logging in?  Email

To view your profile page, you must be logged in and click on “Public Profile” from the login avatar in the top-right menu (headshot icon). You can edit your profile by selecting “Edit” from the login avatar menu – Member.


5. Can I post a job to SPMA members?

Absolutely! Anybody has the ability to post a job they or their respective company are hiring for ($101 Members / $201 Non-Members). Simply share your job posting in PDF format with us at and we will include your job posting in our weekly 'Find a Job Friday' emails which are sent out on Friday mornings.

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